Hope House reaping the benefit of donations to the foundation

We’re excited to announce that the Mario Foundation board recently distributed more than $10,000 and additional computer equipment to Hogar Esperanza (Hope House) thanks to caring donors just like you.

Hope House administers to the full spectrum of needs of the children in its care (e.g., medical care, counseling, education, etc.). These funds are particularly important as they will help cover a wide range of important items:

  • medical expenses for a special needs child who requires and will continue to require extensive medical attention and multiple future surgeries;
  • doctor appointments, medical tests, medications, and other necessary items; and
  • completing Hope House’s monthly budget which would not have been possible without these vital funds.
Laptops were recently purchased and sent to Hope House.

In addition to funds, we were thrilled to also send down four (4!) more laptop computers that will be used for administrative and educational purposes both at the San Pedro Sula and Portrerillos locations.

On behalf of the Mario Foundation, we cannot thank these special donors enough for their timely and generous gifts! This post includes recent photos of the children at Hope House supported by your giving (courtesy of Rebekah Bolin, a friend of the Mario Foundation and dedicated volunteer at Hogar Esperanza).

To learn more about Hope House, visit the Mario Foundation’s website at https://mariofoundation.org/meet-our-beneficiaries/hope-house/

Hope House Celebrates 20 Years

This week, The Mario Foundation celebrates Angie McInvale Altamirano and her twenty years of service to the children of Honduras! A true reminder that not all heroes wear capes, but they do often need help. That’s why The Mario Foundation is dedicated to Angie and the mission of Hope House by providing opportunities for folks just like you to be a vital part of this incredible story of love and hope.

The sounds of activity start early in the quaint neighborhood where Hogar Esperanza (Hope House) sits in San Pedro Sula, Honduras. The oppressive Honduran heat means everyday tasks are best done early, while the sun still offers some mercy before its mid-day tropical siege. And for the last twenty years, Angie McInvale Altamirano has set about early each day with a quiet resilience reminiscent of a champion marathon runner. There’s no time for rest or complaints. The stakes are far too high for those relying upon her unwavering commitment to shield them from a world of unimaginable dangers.

Growing up near Birmingham, Alabama, Angie was made aware as a teenager of the challenges the children of Honduras face. A beautiful, but embattled country, Honduras is known for its rich natural resources, including coffee, sugar cane, and fruit. However, it is equally known for the serious issues its people face: poverty, high crime rates, political instability, and violence.

Following the horrific destruction left in the wake of Hurricane Mitch in 1998, Angie dedicated her life to caring for the children of Honduras. She founded Hogar Esperanza (Hope House) in 2000 to provide a home for children born into extreme poverty and abuse. With Hope House, children in terrible circumstances find love and the opportunity to heal and thrive. They’re provided with counseling and other life necessities, including education, so that they may ultimately serve as agents of positive change in their communities.

We salute Angie and the many dedicated staff, volunteers, and donors that serve the children of Hope House.

First book donations en route to Hope House

Angie McInvale was very excited to get a stack of new children’s books in Spanish for the kids of Hope House. Let’s keep a good thing going! If you have an Amazon account and a few extra bucks, please consider purchasing a book off the wish list or finding your favorite children’s book in Spanish. We will give any books collected to Angie as she visits the states every few months.

Books can be sent to the wish list registry address at:

The Mario Foundation
c/o Jereme Logan
7750 Sardis Grove Drive
Gardendale, AL 35071